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Realtors and Officers of Financial Institutions charged with the sale of an estate or foreclosed property have a vested interest in ensuring a home’s security and integrity are not compromised.   Scheduled monitoring by Shuswap HomeWatch & Property Management demonstrates due diligence as well as maximizes valuations.  In addition to inspecting the overall condition of the property for vandalism, intrusion, and storm damage, we will perform scheduled inspections of the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.


Should an unexpected event occur, such as a plumbing leak, Shuswap Home Watch & Property Management Services will assess and resolve the immediate threat, notify you or your designate, email a comprehensive report with time stamped digital photographs, and upon request, manage the home repair.  Similarly if an intrusion occurs we will re-secure the home, liaison with the police, notify you, prepare an incident report on your behalf, and maintain ongoing communication with both the police and yourself.  We know the Shuswap and upon request can recommend a reputable contractor to resolve any issue, as well as monitor and keep you up to date on their progress.                                          


All inspections by Shuswap HomeWatch and Property Management are methodically performed in a professional manner that protects the assets and privacy of our clients’.  

Detailed reports are promptly emailed after each inspection.  We are insured, bondable, and committed. All services are customized to meet your needs and our rates are reasonable.







Services for Estate Executors, Financial Institutions & Real Estate Agents

Whether you are an Estate Executor, Officer for a Financial Institution charged with the disposal of a property or a Realtor, regularly scheduled inspections are a requirement of property insurance policies. Just as importantly, they also ensure any emergency or home maintenance issues are attended to in a timely manner before becoming costly to rectify.


It’s important to note that a home insurance policy may not cover damages that occur when a home is left vacant and without regular, documented inspections.  Most insurance policies require an insured property to be inspected every 72 hours.  Some demand even more frequent checks.  

If an incident occurs the insurance company may require proof that the conditions of the insurance policy inspection have been satisfied (see link).  

A disputed claim is not something an Estate Executor, Realtor or agent of a Financial Institution needs if an unexpected plumbing leak or intrusion occurs while they are charged with the care of a vacated property.


For Estate Executors the loss of a loved one and the management of their estate can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming.  For “peace of mind”, as well as insurance purposes, it’s important to have the property regularly inspected for break ins, vandalism, storm damage, plumbing leaks and other unpredictable occurrences.  

Aside from scheduled inspections to ensure the home’s security and integrity is not compromised, Shuswap Home Watch & Property Management Services will remove newspapers and flyers so the property doesn’t take on a “unoccupied “ appearance, collect and forward mail, and clean the house for resale.


When Executors live out of town, or find themselves in need of reliable, professional assistance, Shuswap Home Watch & Property Management will also inventory and/or pack any home contents to be moved, provide assistance in the selection of a realtor, and help maximize the property’s value by organizing the cleaning and staging of the home.  We tailor our services to meet your needs and are able to do as little or as much as you’d like.




Some of the services Shuswap HomeWatch & Property Management can provide include:


Exterior Inspections:

- inspecting for signs of break ins, vandalism or trespassing

- checking outside taps and sprinkler systems  

- checking on outside lighting

- collecting newspapers and flyers to ensure the home doesn’t appear vacant or unoccupied


Interior Inspections

- detailed inspections of the home’s interior including furnaces, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, sinks, toilets, washing machines

and hot water heaters      

- the security of all windows & doors      

- the running of faucets and garbage disposals, and flushing of toilets    

- the watering of plants

- the turning on of different lights in the house  

- the moving or starting of cars  

- the opening and closing of blinds and draperies


Other Basic Services:

- the timely inspection of the home and property after storms and the management of power outages

- light snow removal and yard maintenance               - hot tub and pool maintenance


Project Management and Home Maintenance Coordination:

- oversight of painting, redecorating, remodeling, scheduled maintenance projects and other contracted work

- securing of realtor services

- unoccupied and vacant property staging

- the inventory of possessions and disposal of assets


*Additional services may be available upon request                  






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